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What is EntityYOU360?

EntityYOU360 (EU360) is a program geared specifically for financial advisors. We are able to provide you with high quality annuity leads and a coaching program focused on closing sales, increasing business growth, and retention. We also develop advisor web sites and apps, and partner with a national PR firm that specializes in financial advisors to give them maximum exposure.

We are more than just a lead program – EU360 program is a complete package that helps advisors market, find leads, and close sales.

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Why EntityYOU360?

For starters, we understand the annuity business inside-out. Our team has experience from all sides – lead generation, IMOs, and advisors. We created a comprehensive marketing program designed exclusively to help financial advisors find more qualified prospects and convert them into clients.

EU360 also believes in the same thing that you do – helping seniors find their peace of mind. We know that annuities are one of the best options for seniors and retirees.

Our coaching staff has 15+ of experience in transforming advisors’ businesses. They are skilled in sales, are either currently licensed or have been licensed previously, and know exactly what helps advisors close that deal.

Real Leads * Real Conversations * Real Sales

  • Out of my first 20 leads, I have already closed a case for $216,000. I’m also currently working two additional illustrations. One is for $500,000, and the other is for 1M. My pipeline is filling up every week. The EntityYou 360 Internet Program works if you commit to it.

    Jon F.
    Jon F. Nevada

According to the PEW Research Center,

% of Seniors Use the Internet
% of Internet Users are from Households with 75K+ Income
% Increased Senior Internet Adoption Rates in the Last 10YRs
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Internet Leads

Our internet leads are generated through an experienced team of marketers who have been in annuity lead generation for 10+ years. A prospect goes online and searches for an annuity, and they find our landing page. They fill out the form requesting for annuity rates. Then, the lead information is forwarded to the advisor instantly.

Qualified Leads

We also have inbound leads, which are qualified based on our rigorous criteria. Qualified leads are great opportunities for advisors as they are proactive prospects. Most of the time, they have already researched annuities and are looking for an annuity solution that works for them. Appointment setting is also available through our program. You must be an EU360 advisor to purchase inbound leads.


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